Breaking Barriers: Introducing the First-Ever Guided Mental Health Journal for Competitive Swimmers

Breaking Barriers: Introducing the First-Ever Guided Mental Health Journal for Competitive Swimmers

Hi, I'm Audrey Tirrell, founder of Freestyle Swimwear, a women's competitive swimwear brand dedicated to empowering swimmers like you. While our focus has always been on providing top-quality swimwear for competitive athletes, my passion for swimming extends beyond the pool. As a swimmer myself for over 15 years and a former NCAA D1 athlete on a full scholarship, I understand the challenges and pressures that come with competitive swimming. Despite the physical demands of the sport, the mental aspect is often overlooked. Many swimmers, including myself, have experienced stress and mental health issues throughout our careers.

So What's This Journal All About?

It's astonishing that there isn't a single mental health journal tailored specifically for swimmers. That's why I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our revolutionary product: Freestyle Reflections – the first-ever guided mental health journal designed exclusively for competitive swimmers.

Freestyle Reflections is more than just a journal; it's a companion for swimmers navigating the highs and lows of their athletic journey. With guided reflections and expert advice, this journal addresses common challenges faced by competitive swimmers, such as dealing with difficult coaches, managing pressure, and coping with setbacks. Our goal with Freestyle Reflections is to normalize conversations around mental health in the swimming community and provide much-needed support and guidance for high-level athletes, especially individual performers like swimmers.

Freestyle Swimwear

"Swimming is unlike any other sport. Although you may be on a team, your own individual race and performance is what matters most. By nature, swimming is a very high-pressured sport. Try to think about the pressure levels you have been feeling lately. Have you been managing it well? Are you putting a load of pressure on yourself? Is the added pressure coming from your coaches or teammates? Reflect on your “pressure levels” and take a minute to check in with yourself."

Audrey Tirrell- Freestyle Reflections

Join us on this journey to prioritize mental wellness in competitive swimming. Stay tuned for updates on the launch of Freestyle Reflections and be a part of this groundbreaking initiative to enhance the well-being of swimmers everywhere.

Together, let's dive into a new era of mental health support for competitive swimmers. Because when it comes to achieving success in the pool, a healthy mind is just as important as a strong stroke.

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A Preview Into The Journal

Preview of our Journal Art

"Just a reminder that YOU know YOURSELF better than anyone else in the world. Especially when it comes to knowing your own body. As swimmers we are expected to push ourselves and test our limits day in and day out. Although a coach’s encouragement pushes us to go further, you must be conscious of when something has gone too far or is causing you damage. Whether you’re feeling pushed a little too hard mentally, or are physically past the point of exhaustion. Taking a day off to heal, or dialing back for a day is something swimmers should never have to feel guilty about."

Audrey Tirrell- Freestyle Reflections

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