About Us

Meet the Founder

My name is Audrey Tirrell and welcome to Freestyle Swimwear. As a former Division 1 swimmer, I understand the great challenges that come with being a female athlete in the sport of swimming. From my first-hand experience, the need for better training swimwear is a necessity.

Female swimmers are left with very limited options where most of the swimwear on the market is uncomfortable and does not fit the true needs of a female athlete. With my inner connection to the competitive swim community, I have started Freestyle Swimwear to allow other athletes the opportunity to voice what they truly need in their swimwear.

I have spent months surveying thousands of female swimmers from around the globe, creating the best training suits for women crafted by their candid input. I have built Freestyle as an athlete from the ground up, where the focus is on fit, style, and durability, allowing all women to feel stronger and more confident in and out of the pool.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike other swimsuit brands, the founder of Freestyle is a current swimmer who knows exactly what is needed in training swimwear. After each prototype is made, every swimsuit is tested through hours of intensive swim training sessions.

From there, the designs and fit are altered until the perfect swimsuit is formed. Before releasing swimwear, months of surveying is performed where swimmers voice their needs and preferences for their future swimwear which is then taken into the design process!

This is the first ever hands-on competitive swimwear brand where all female swimmers are a part of the journey.

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How Are Our Swimsuits Made?

We are designed in the USA right here in New York City, and sewn in Korea. I am a part of every step of production where I alter each prototype, draft designs, source high quality fabrics, and guide production.

We are ethically and slowly produced, and believe in taking our time with each and every swimsuit that is made. Sustainability is a huge importance to Freestyle, and not only do we offer the highest quality materials to last you through many seasons, but we take the extra mile with our production methods. Fabrics are resistant to chlorine, fast drying, UV protective, and are made with 50% recycled yarn and polyester.

Experience the Freestyle Fit with our special fabrics, and sleek designs that will carry you through each and every practice.